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About The Company

We arw a company based in Oslo Norway. We are specialist in manufactory from industial product and new development from high technical solution in automasation.Our goal is to bring technology to the next level. In our company we bring back beathy in our product and people, they should be pure and timeless.

Our strong four spine main subjects in the company will be bases on: Automisation, Datainformation, Manyfactoring and at least the future. This four subject are continious linked to our activithy in the marked. The most importand of all are human scales, we like to work with motivated and creative problem solution driven people. You need creative people to be a part of the future.

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission will be to take automatisation into everybody's life, and prepear them to the new exiting time we living in.

VISION: Our vision is to create services in the automatisation insdustry and create high technology solutions for companies. We will have a development unit where we create new hightech solution that are needed in a fast modern world. The datamanagement department will support our development deparment and support our clients with our systems. Our manufactory will support the development department and fabricate finished projects.


What we offer


Do you ever be to late for a appointment?. The reason should be good..


We are happy with happy customers, our people will make your day a good day ..


The job should be don properly with the right quilithy, we are proud in what we doing..


We have only one earth be carefull with it, we separate all materials and liquids who can demag the evironmen..


We are certified when our clients are certified with our service..


Hard working is one of our values's..

What we like our customers will say


Contact us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Oslo, Norway

+47 90296302


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